Ready for the future – Participate in the Futurium Lab

Crazy ideas and ingenious notions, questions about the future and answers for the world of tomorrow – visitors will be able to experience it all in the Futurium Lab starting September 2019. The interactive laboratory, spanning 600 square metres in the Futurium’s basement, welcomes visitors to experiment, test things and discover.

In the fab lab area, visitors can develop their own prototypes or check out how a 3D printer works. They can join a hackathon team or check if insects will be their diet of tomorrow in the test kitchen. A media lab and workshop are waiting for visitors’ ideas too.

A diverse event programme accompanies the activities, stimulating a lively exchange about the future.

  • Families can play games, conduct experiments, and spend time at the arts and craft tables.
  • Students can work on their ideas for technologies of the future in small research groups – and test their sustainability right away.
  • School classes can expand upon the theory they learn in the classroom with regular Future Workshops, VisionLabs and Hackathons.
  • Experts and professionals from both trade and industry gather in the Futurium Lab for Design Sprints and Foresight Workshops.

The Futurium Lab transforms the big questions such as “How will we live in the future?” and “How do we want to live?” into illustrative projects that everyone can interact with.