Areas of Tension: Workshop Weeks at the Futurium

From 30 May to 9 June 2018, the Futurium will host its Workshop Weeks. We are delighted to invite you to get to know our work at this home of all our futures and to take a peek behind the scenes at the Futurium as it strides towards its launch in spring 2019.

The Workshop Weeks have been organised under the heading “Areas of Tension. Approaching Possible Futures”. They will concern the major issues of the future, such as digitisation, civic involvement, climate protection and sustainability – always under the guiding question “How do we want to live?”. For this purpose, we have put together a multifaceted programme.

Together with SPIEGEL live, an event format offered by the major German publishing house SPIEGEL-Verlag, the Futurium will host three major debate evenings with scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and engaged citizens. In addition, debate workshops will take place in the run-up to each discussion round. You can throw yourself into these workshops – and the results will be incorporated into the debate that follows.

We intend to use the Workshop Weeks as a means of exploring – together with you – a variety of formats, such as workshops, performances, discussions, concerts, interactive installations, participatory settings and many more. In this regard, we would like to enter into a constructive exchange with you: we would appreciate your thoughts on any wishes and fears you have with regard to the future as well as on issues that are of importance to you and things you would like to change. We would like to invite you to three workshops in which you can take part in developing exhibits for the upcoming exhibition. Experience a foretaste of what is to come in 2019 at the Futurium Lab, which will enter test mode as part of the Workshop Weeks.

Our Climate Action Day on 3 June is all about what each one of us can actively do to protect the climate. A keynote speech by Professor Dr Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), will provide visitors with ideas and suggestions, as will discussion rounds and several interactive points for the whole family.

A lecture performance by Johanna Wokalek and Fabian Russ titled “die maschine steht still” (“the machine stops”), created especially for the Futurium, will contribute an artistic perspective on the shaping of the future. On other evenings we will present extensive 3D sound installations, turn the Futurium into a futuristic dance space for the DJ sets of the electronic music ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, and invite artists from different disciplines to contribute. You can look forward to interactive dance and theatrical performances and “Music of the Future” presented by, among others, members of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB) and netzwerk junge ohren e.V.

As part of the Urban Gardening Project, and throughout the entire Workshop Weeks, you can show your green fingers on the Futurium forecourt and explore the question of how plants can contribute to the urban climate and the protection of biodiversity. On the exhibition floor, three large-format art installations will invite visitors to engage themselves with the three dimensions that play decisive roles in shaping the future – mankind, nature and technology – and their complex relationships with one another. On all event days, we will be offering guided tours of the building.

The Futurium will round off its Workshop Weeks by becoming a participant in the Long Night of the Sciences on 9 June. On the “smartest night of the year”, you can at various points throughout the building conduct your own experiments and build things, as well as take part in performances or reflect on your wishes and possible realities at the Futures Slam.

Admission to the Workshop Weeks is free of charge; on the Long Night of the Sciences, regular ticket fees apply. Please note that all events will be held in German. Please find the detailled programme here (in German).

Drop by and see us! We look forward to your visit!


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