The event “A Day in the Future. Open House at the Futurium” on 16 September 2017 marked the beginning of a multi-stage opening schedule. In the second phase in May 2018, as part of interdisciplinary programme weeks, the Futurium will present its three scheduled focus areas for its exhibition, namely, our future relationship with technology, with nature and with ourselves as human beings. During this period, the Futurium Lab will also invite visitors to participate. The opening of the Futurium in its entirety is scheduled for spring 2019.


Until the opening of the entire institution in spring 2019, the Futurium will only be open on selected days. The exact dates will be announced via the Futurium’s newsletter and social media channels. The next public event at the Futurium will be the interdisciplinary Programme Weeks in May 2018.


Guided tours of the building will be offered as soon as the Futurium has been brought into regular operation in spring 2019. In addition, there will be guided tours during the programme weeks in May 2018.


As of spring 2019, the Futurium’s event rooms can be rented for events that are deemed to be conceptually suitable.