• Kirstin Ackermann
    Kirstin Ackermann
    Education and Participation Advisor

  • Alexander Anselm
    Alexander Anselm
    Technical Advisor

  • Rosalina Babourkova
    Dr. Rosalina Babourkova
    Research Associate

  • Holger Bär
    Holger Bär
    Research Associate

  • Stefanie Borgmann
    Stefanie Borgmann

  • Stefan Brandt
    Dr. Stefan Brandt

  • Katja Dallmann
    Katja Dallmann
    Press and Public Relations Advisor

  • Julia Ebeling
    Julia Ebeling
    Press and Public Relations Consultant

  • Björn Giese
    Björn Giese
    Contracts Consultant

  • Paul Hansen
    Paul Hansen
    Technical Manager

  • Katrin Hartmann
    Katrin Hartmann
    Coordinator Renting

  • Rüdiger Haum
    Dr. Rüdiger Haum
    Head of Content

  • Anja Hümpel
    Dr. Anja Hümpel
    Research Associate

  • Susanne Jackson
    Susanne Jackson
    Exhibition Assistant

  • Maxie Jost
    Maxie Jost
    Education and Participation Assistant

  • Uta Kehr
    Uta Kehr
    Head of Administration and Finance

  • Monique Luckas
    Monique Luckas
    Head of Press and Public Relations

  • Jasmin Minges
    Jasmin Minges
    Research Associate

  • Giulia Paparo
    Giulia Paparo
    Education and Participation Consultant

  • Kristina Pecia
    Kristina Pecia
    Executive Asssistant to the Director

  • Susanne Ritzal
    Susanne Ritzal
    Executive Asssistant to the Commercial Managing Director

  • Dirk Sauer
    Dirk Sauer
    Law and Contracts Consultant

  • Annette Schmohl
    Annette Schmohl
    Administrative Support/Secretariat

  • Nicole Schneider
    Nicole Schneider
    Commercial Managing Director

  • Franziska Schwäblein
    Franziska Schwäblein
    Director's Secretary

  • Johannes Sturm
    Johannes Sturm
    Event Management Consultant

  • Lisa Szugfil
    Lisa Szugfil
    Research Associate

  • Gordon von Miller
    Dr. Gordon von Miller
    Law and Contracts Consultant

  • Jakob Wall
    Jakob Wall
    Coordinator IT Infrastructure

  • David Weigend
    David Weigend
    Head of Education and Participation

  • Daniel Wessolek
    Daniel Wessolek
    Co-Design Consultant

  • Mirko Winkelmann
    Mirko Winkelmann

  • Kristin Wömmel
    Dr. Kristin Wömmel
    Head of Event Management

  • Gabriele Zipf
    Dr. Gabriele Zipf
    Head of Exhibitions

  • Birgit Zippel
    Birgit Zippel
    Finance and Administration Advisor