With the Futurium, Berlin has gained a location for all those with a passion for shaping the future. In this sense, the building is open to anyone and everyone interested and acts at the same time as stage, museum, laboratory and forum of the future.

The Futurium provides space for exciting discussions, creative workshops and visionary ideas. Explore, discuss, test – the Futurium allows its visitors a glimpse into the world of tomorrow. It shows the challenges, opportunities and risks of the future, but also the building blocks with which it can be shaped. In doing so, the Futurium is likewise a location of encounters: players from the spheres of politics, science and business, the arts and society come together to exchange their concepts of the future. More than 5,000 square metres on three floors are available for this purpose.


The upper floor will provide space for an extraordinary exhibition. Visionary exhibits will invite visitors to view and experience. The exhibition will give us an idea of what the future might look like. More importantly though, it will confront us with the question of how we want to live. How do we want to work in the future? And how do we want to deal with, and shape, technological progress? How do we want to – and how can we – reconcile individual development with the sustainable use of natural resources? As part of the exhibition tour, three large “thinking spaces” will focus on our future relationship with technology, nature and with ourselves as human beings.


Touch, participate, try. The laboratory of the Futurium will be situated in the basement. Here, everyone can gain hands-on experience with those objects that are going to shape our future. Visitors can familiarise themselves with technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting and turn their own ideas into products on the spot. In addition, they can experiment in the test kitchen to see if insects might be their food of tomorrow, team up at a Hackathon to programme software together or test unusual prototypes. Everyone, regardless of their state of knowledge, is invited to participate.


Meeting experts, listening to visionaries, discussing ways to creating a future worth living in, and developing creative ideas together with others – the Futurium provides space for all this on its ground floor. The events forum will explore in depth the themes connected with the exhibition on the future and, with its interdisciplinary programme, will provide a stimulus for the shaping of the future. Variety is here the spice of future life: the discussion of possible futures takes place in a range of formats from lectures to workshops and from Future Slams to theatre performances.