A Kinetic Sculpture for the Futurium

The forecourt of the Futurium has been adorned with the “Drehmoment” (“Torque”). The sculpture measures approximately 4 x 15 metres and consists of a rotating “plate” that keeps itself balanced merely by the dynamics and virtuosity of its rotating movement on a rod. It was developed by realities:united, a Berlin group of artists that won the open percent-for-art competition in 2016. For one hour every noon, visitors can watch the artwork in action.

realities:united on the artwork

“The sculpture ‘Drehmoment’ can be conceived as an enhanced circus act turned into an object, as childlike playfulness. Or, looking at it another way, as the performance of a trick, in which dynamic action replaces the usual static construction of the artwork. In it you’ll find some of the things we hope, or fear, to see in the future. Fascinating, tricky and efficient, but also somewhat inexplicable, restless and risky. The dynamic is more than a modern replacement for the old static. It turns what was previously a dead fact – perhaps the result of a past creative process – into something that is recreated over and over again, behind which stands a present, immaterial power, a programme, an intention, or possibly a ‘spirit’, all of which may be as important as the ruling laws of nature. You can see that here, too: the machine does not always work to lift the plate into the air, but suddenly comes to a halt every now and again, or runs idle for hours at a slow speed. The reasons remain a mystery.” (Jan Edler, realities:united)

Facts and Figures Regarding “Drehmoment”

  • Dimensions: approximately 15m in height; diameter of 4.30m
  • Material: steel
  • Artistic and technical concept, design, planning: realities:united, Studio for Art and Architecture
  • Technical realisation: Max Streicher GmbH & Co. KG aA


  • © 2018 Axel Schmidt by courtesy of realities:united, Berlin
  • © 2018 Axel Schmidt by courtesy of realities:united, Berlin
  • © 2018 Hendrik Reichel by courtesy of realities:united, Berlin