The future as a mirror of the present

The future is a place for wishes, hopes, and possibilities. The future also means uncertainty, risk, and challenges. As paradoxical as it may sound at first: the future is also the key to communicating in the present. Future visions reflect what we want and what is important to us now. The future affects us all: Don’t just wait for it to arrive, help shape it!

Place for shaping the future

We believe that the future can be shaped creatively, changed with courage, and tailored to the many needs of people. We are convinced that there is plenty of leeway for this – more than we often want to admit. We have to have the courage to ask open questions and answer them honestly: What is possible? What is likely? What do we wish for? What do we want to prevent? Where can developments lead? How does research help us? What role does the economy play? How can and how must politics respond? And we must also ask ourselves: What can we do about it ourselves?

The contribution of the Futurium

In conjunctions with its partners from science, foundations, business and politics and in constant interaction with the public, the Futurium would like to present the building blocks for very different futures. We want to convey what research and development is conducted, what people think and plan, what the hopes and dreams are. Together with our visitors, we produce ideas and prototypes for the future. We ask questions, we encourage action, and also accept your personal wishes for the future. Our maxim: fun and responsibility, hand in hand. However, we do not want to be naive: we are aware that many people worry about the future. We also want to address these fears and worries in our work.

Still, our basic attitude is optimistic: the more people can and want to have a say about their own lives and policy in general, the better we feel the chances are that the future will be a place worth living. We want to convey this idea at all levels in the Futurium. The exhibit is supposed to visualize various future scenarios, explain them, and present them as a sensual experience. The interdisciplinary event programme explains, critiques, and debates. Last but not least, we also want to present a forum for artistic examinations of future topics. In the Futurium Lab, visitors of all ages can produce, try, and experiment.

Shaping the future is both an individual and a community responsibility. It benefits from the knowledge of everyone and the commitment of each individual. Facts are just as important as imagination. The Futurium, as we envision it, wants to bring both sides together: as a place of sharing knowledge – and as a place to dream.